Ride for Hope – Mission Accomplished!

‘A strong believer is better and is more lovable to Allah than a weak believer, and there is good in everyone’ – Muslim

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Alhamdulillah the Unity Ride for hope has been completed successfully! A gread day with beautiful weather was enjoyed by all…our dear brothers at Sydney Muslim Cyclists didn’t quote get the same ‘Aussie’ weather but their determination to ride out in unity was very inspiring.

Jazakumullahu Khairan to everyone who rode, volunteered and donated to HHUGS!

See you again next year in shaa Allah!


Previous Events

Below is a list of the AICC official events since 2015. This list is short of all the training, ride assist and individual rides.

L2b pic


London 2 Paris 2015

for the GAZA TRAUMA with Ummah Welfare Trust


London 2 Oxford 2015

for Huggs (Helping Households Under Great Stress) and UWT (Ummah Welfare Trust) Rohingya Appeal

Photo 02-05-2015 21 04 49

Blackburn ‘Darululoom’ Ride
For the Dar-ul-uloom


City Ride 4 Cage

For CAGE prisoners

City Ride for CAge_online_poster-01

Ride for Hope

For Huggs

Ride for Hope_A4-01

London 2 Paris 2016

London 2 Paris 24 hour

for the Syria Appeal with Ummah Welfare Trust


City Ride 4 Cage

For CAGE prisoners


City Ride for CAGE

‘A strong believer is better and is more lovable to Allah than a weak believer, and there is good in everyone’ – Muslim

City Ride for CAge_online_poster-01.jpg

Alhamdulillah the City Ride for CAGE turned out to bean overwhelming success. 50 participants from around the country took part to raise funds for CAGE. Watch this space for the video review and total raised!


about us

Welcome to Al-Imaan Cycle Club – a non-commercial cycle club led by brothers to improve the fitness and increase the Brotherhood in the Ummah.

It is free to join and you will meet like-minded people in your local area who come together to cycle with the intention of getting fitter.


The spirit of the club is brotherhood and a love of cycling. To join us bring your enthusiasm and commitment.

Al-Imaan Cycle Club started as a small group of cycling friends. With zero experience of organising a cycle ride but with great determination a few brothers decided to organise a charity bike ride from London to Paris. The ‘Infamous 19’ would often meet up for training rides and discuss how we can get as many people involved as possible. 

Have a look at upcoming events, and browse the social media sites.  Whether you have no experience of cycling or if you’re a Tour De France veteran, we would love you to get involved and help the Ummah!


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Sign up for London to Paris 2016


If the London to Paris 2016 ride is anything like last year then we’re all on for an adventure never to be forgotten in shaa Allah.


WATCH VIDEO from 2015

Whats is the expected riding distance?

Expect to ride 180-210 miles over 3 days. Please only consider taking part if you can commit to the compulsory training required. You MUST be able to ride 50 miles comfortably on any given day leading up to the event.

Whats are the costs?

The registration fee is £300 and includes food for 3 days, accommodation, ferry travel, support vehicles and ride guides.  The fundraising target is £350 and as we enter Ramadhan we feel this will be an easily achievable target in shaa Allah.

If you wish to take part then you MUST do the following.

1. Download and read the Info Pack (You MUST read this before registering)

2. Register online using this form.

2. Sign up to the Strava app and join the L2P 2016 training club using this link.

To determine wether you will be able to participate in the ride we will go off the number of miles ridden from January 2016 up until June 2016 (you’ll be expected to have ridden at least 400 miles in that period and preference will be given to participants with the most miles ridden). You will also be expected to take undertake training rides leading up to August.

3. Pay a deposit of £50 as soon as possible

Via Bank Transfer: Mr S Bhorat Sort Code: 77-02-01 Acc No:74020062.

Via PayPal: http://www.paypal.me/aicycleclub

Make sure to put Reference as: Your name followed by ‘L2P’ (eg. Elvis L2P)



The remaining £250 must be paid in full by 19th June 2016.


The London to Paris Cycle ride is sponsored by Roccia | http://www.tilemart.co.uk